Ever since the lockdown began, stories of migrant workers have disturbed our country in a very bad way. These stories of sufferings and adversity have turned out to be the face of the CORONA VIRUS epidemic in most of the Indian cities.

There are several stories and one such story was of our female workers who worked at our factory. The pandemic had brought their lives to a decline. No wages thus little food.

The nonexistence of basic amenities and the helplessness to feed their children brought about fears in their minds. Seeing their troubles myself  Ranvir Oswal thought I should offer them to have their source of income. By keeping this in my mind I got an idea to make Denim Masks which could give them some financial help in this tough situation.

On June 1st 2020, we started the production of Denim masks. Everyone was tremendously receptive to the idea and with lots of learning and hardwork we could achieve good quality masks made out with waste of Denim fabrics.

Then we started selling masks to retail and my social circle.

We also participated in an event organised by Ficci Flo on Organ donation day where we sold our masks to doctors in the hospital. Ficci Flo is a women’s wing of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry

This not only could bring financial help but also has motivated them to fight in the times of hardship.

It was really uplifting to see some kind of relief and smiles on their faces.

In near future I will continue this work and hope well for their future and our society.