Our first order for the Farmer’s Market came on the 15th of June 2018 after we approached an NGO, Aghaaz and received the order to stitch 100 Farmer’s Market bags. With the government taking stringent action against the use of plastic, the demand for environment-friendly alternatives increased. Our well-trained and hardworking girls stitched aesthetically pleasing bags that were liked and appreciated by the customers as we came up with washable, reusable, eco-friendly, and functionally high cloth bags with a lot of partitions. Taking a step ahead, everyone at the Farmer’s Market took a pledge to say “no” to plastic bags and carry their reusable cloth bags thus doing their bit for the already fragile ecosystem.

Denimize came into existence due to a dedicated and committed approach of two youngsters, Rajvir and Ranvir Oswal with dreams to do something for the young and economically deprived women. Their idea of doing something for these women has developed into an excellent endeavour. These women have been imparted training in stitching and sewing which can be used to earn a dignified livelihood. Many of these women dream to pursue education and make something of their life. This training helps them to support their dreams.

These women gather after their college hours for a training session and later they work on their assigned tasks from the comfort of their homes. This imparts them with flexibility and freedom to work as per their convenience.

Denimize has brought a ray of hope in the lives of these women who now see themselves as heralding the much-desired change in society

Denimize collects waste fabric from cloth factories and uses this waste materials to stitch and sew a variety of utility products like pouches, cushions, bags, stationery, household items, and more. Our young girls use their talent to make the most of discarded cloth that is of no use to factories or tailors to come up with something aesthetically pleasing and functionally high products.

The newly stitched products are then sold at the Farmer’s Market. We also showcase these products at stalls at various events across Ludhiana. The money thus earned is used to pay these girls and buy new machines and train new girls for skill enhancement. The dedication and passion of these girls attract a large number of customers who are impressed by their hard work and ready to buy and use these products.

Carry this beautiful bag on your arm and flaunt your style!