Denimize India came into existence as a school project but soon grew into a highly sustainable initiative.

This non-profit initiative entails the collection of waste or unused clothes and recycles them for its effective use. We have mass participation from young college girls who are trained in stitching skills. They transform old, used clothes into usable, environment-friendly, and sustainable products which are then sold in the Farmer’s Market. With this project, we have tried taking the idea of recycling urban discard to a whole new level.

This is our humble contribution to empowering society

Our Story

“Denimize” came into existence as a as a humble effort by two youngsters who wanted bring a change in the lives of people from the lower strata of society.

Ranvir Oswal

Studying in Grade 12, Ranvir Oswal shared the dream of empowering women with his elder brother Rajvir. He has contributed equally with his brother to give shape to Denimize as it is seen today. He worked hard to open the training school for underprivileged girls, train them in stitching skills, and make them self-dependent. His efforts has helped many young girls stand on their feet and become confidently self-independent.

I came across a young but very determined girl Seema who had everything it takes to become successful in life, but her financial issues came up as a hurdle in her path. I was impressed by her determination and decided to do something about it. One day, I came across a warehouse where heaps of waste fabric pieces were stored. This gave me an idea to make optimal use of fabric pieces and create utilitarian products. I discussed my idea with my father who gave his wholehearted support and encouraged me in this endeavour. I started hiring young girls, trained them in basic stitching skills, and together we started creating products that found great use in the market. This simple nugget of idea soon took a concrete form which resulted in the inception of Denimize.

Rajvir Oswal

Rajvir Oswal is a budding entrepreneur who is passionate about helping poor and destitute young girls with dreams in eyes and dared to touch the skies by just providing them with a source of earning their livelihood. While doing so, he always kept sustainability into mind and came up with a concept that addressed both issues. Denimize platform has helped him hone his marketing and product development skills. His dream of helping women, empowering them, and training them to stand on their feet came alive with Denimize.